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CRAEFT Architects is an architectural practice founded in 2013 based in North London. Director Stephen Read is a Chartered Architect and member of the RIBA and ARB and has over 15 years professional experience working in London and Edinburgh.



  • We will listen and spend time to understand your objectives and we will help you develop a brief.

  • You will find the design process incremental and iterative. We will constantly review design proposals against your requirements and seek your approval at each stage of the project.

  • Building is a complex process and we will help you manage and minimise risk whilst realising the full potential that building affords.

  • We are committed to providing a quality service and follow rigorous processes to ensure a high level of professionalism.

  • We are friendly, approachable and will always be glad to hear from you. We will be attentive to your needs and resolve problems quickly.

  • So that you can choose a direction for your project we offer upfront advice with no obligation.

We are focused on the fundamental principles of good design: an elegant spatial arrangement that delivers good levels of natural light, excellent technical performance of materials and junctions and a building that connects well with the landscape.

We are interested in craftsmanship and like to draw on Britain's rich architectural history. When designing a new building we develop a strong conceptual idea that is then woven into every element of the design. When working with an existing building we will spend time to understand the historical, legal and technical constraints and ensure that work is integrated harmoniously and efficiently.

We recognise that the act of building is non-sustainable and we strive to make buildings that are economic and flexible. We think that plants and trees have a big impact on quality of life so we try and integrate garden and building design and always take advantage of a view.