Farorna Walk, Enfield.

A new build 2300sqm residential development, fourteen flats and two house on Farorna Walk in Enfield.

We propose to develop the land to the rear of 'The Highlands' and coach house to provide six 3 bedroom maisonettes and two 2 bedroom semi-detached houses. To do so we are proposing to demolish a single storey post war bungalow sited along the northern site boundary.
Each unit will have its own front door located on the West side of the building. All accommodation will be dual aspect and have either a private garden or terrace, accessed from the main living space facing onto the shared garden. Dedicated parking space will be located in a basement car park accessed via a car lift at the South West end of the site.

The Highlands villa and coach house will be extensively refurbished, extended and converted into a mixture of 1,2 & 3 bedroom flats nearly all with either a private garden or terrace. Direct access to the shared garden will be possible from the Villa. The site will be beautifully landscaped and a large shared garden created between the three buildings. A detailed analysis of the type, quality and value of the existing trees has been carried out by an Arboriculturalist. Nearly all of the existing high value tree will be untouched, bar two Holly trees that will be relocated. Additional native fruit trees will be planted in the garden. This will preserve and enhance the setting of The Highlands and lovely feel of Farorna Walk.

The project was commissioned by Ridgemount Holdings Limited.