Residential Developement (6 units)

New build 550sqm residential development, 6 flats on The Ridgeway in Enfield.

Local Authority: Enfield

Planning granted May 2018.

The proposal is to undertake a sensitive redevelopment of the site that will provide six luxury flats in place of one single family dwelling that is no longer of practical economic and social value. The new development will comprise of four 3 bedroom family units in addition to two 2 bedroom flats. All accommodation will be dual aspect and have either a private garden or terrace. Living spaces are located at the rear of the building to allow direct access to the gardens or terraces. The large rear garden will be beautifully landscaped and all existing tree’s will be retained where possible. The new building is of similar scale and form to the Villa’s either side to ensure it sits comfortably in the street scene.

The project was commissioned by Glendale Ridgeway Limited.